Jesus, Muck and the Manger


GOD with US.


The Savior of the world stepped down out of His heavenly home into the muck of the manager. It wasn’t those pretty pictures and manger scenes we see that are all cleaned up and glistening.  From what I can gather, the animals might have been a bit messy.

Webster’s defines “muck” as :wet dirt or mud, solid waste from farm animals, something that is disgusting.

Perfect setting for what He was getting himself into wasn’t it?

A baby sent to save the world.
A miracle.

My Jesus came into the muck of my world.  He has been with us through this muck of 2020 too!

He had many chances to leave…and I probably would have before it even got to the cross…but He stuck it out.

For me…for you.

My muck can be pretty icky sometimes. 
Doesn’t matter….He always sticks around through it.

I am eternally grateful to have a Savior who is my friend, my Daddy, my confidant, my peace, my grace, my hope, my everything.




May this holiday season be a time that you can reflect on that, things may be different for so many of you this year….

But remember who is standing in that muck with us…..

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year friends!

~Be Encouraged Today~


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