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A Different Kind of Christmas

We have a “different kind of Christmas” this year.  Many of you, for many reasons, are experiencing the same thing.  Ours is my illness and COVID risks.  Many of you have lost loved ones, and my heart breaks for you.

This year we decorated a bit different. My snowman collection is sitting in different places. Our large Christmas tree is not up.  Instead, we have two smaller trees and a passed down Dickens Village.

We won’t see our one and only grandchild…my emotions are a bit messy.

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Happy Father’s Day!

Alphonse and boys

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads!  My husband has been a wonderful father to our sons and I have loved seeing him with our boys. He has truly been an example of a Godly father.

I am grateful for his influence on the boys and his unconditional love for all of us!


Isaiah 55_8-9


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