~The Ocean Series~ Beach Cover Ups

You made it! The beach is calling your name. The chair is waiting. The ocean is just beckoning you to come and gaze upon its waters.

But wait. You cannot walk down to the beach without your swimsuit cover up.

As I have aged, I have found that cover up needs to do a little more “covering”. You may know what I mean!

How many times have I tried to “cover up” who I am? How many times have I tried to “cover up” my insecurities? How many times have I tried to “cover up” my mistakes?

The beauty in those questions is that I don’t really need to “cover up” spiritually. He can see who I am, my insecurities and my mistakes. And He still loves me. I truly cannot hide anything from Him or His love.

It is quite simple really. As we think upon the passing of that great evangelist, Billy Graham, we are reminded….we are to come to Christ….”Just As I Am”. His blood was shed for each one of us.

We are all really uncovered before Christ, and that is nothing to be ashamed of….we don’t need a “cover up”. He loves us so much and wants us to experience His love and eternal life!

My beach cover ups might be longer and even wider….but most importantly, they are comfortable! Just as I am!


~Be Encouraged Today~




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