And Still……


I will be 57 years old in a couple of months. There have been a lot of changes in this body. Some body parts just don’t move like they use to. And this body is little heavier than it once was in spite of my best efforts.

My eyes seem to worsen each time I go to the eye doctor. I quit wearing contacts when I figured out the glasses actually hid the dark circles under my eyes better than any concealer I had ever used.


But I am ok with it all. I don’t mind getting older. I figure I have earned every wrinkle, scar and blemish and I am proud of it. And besides…….. I am being renewed each day!

This body housed and brought two children into the world, provided me with the ability to be in an upright position moving and experiencing life…. and it does it still…..

These hands have held the sweetest of babies, given countless baths, washed clothes and dishes….and allow me to use them still……

These eyes read bed time stories many times over, waited for teens to walk in the door before curfew, cried many tears….. and provide sight for me still…….

This voice has sang lullabies to little boys, taught lessons and yelled…and allows me to be an encouragement with it still…..

These arms have carried babies, bags, groceries in the door, lost in arm wrestling matches, folded over others while embracing loved ones…..and fold over still…….

These legs have held upright when my strength seemed gone, walked me down the aisle when my sons were married….. and carries me still…….

This spirit within my heart has given me an identity that no one can take away…..and it is with me still…..

I am confident because of who Christ is in me. My confidence does not come from me…..but from He who lives within me

And when all these physical things are no longer….He will be with me….still.

~Be Encouraged Today~


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3 thoughts on “And Still……

    1. Oh Miss Ellie…what would I do without your constant encouragement? Just when I wonder why I even spend the time writing I realize….I just have to write …..and Ellie reads it!! 😉 You are precious to me.

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