Have you ever entered a familiar town from an opposite direction? Things don’t look the same. One store is on the left hand side of the road and you are used to seeing it on the right. In fact, it doesn’t really even look like the same town.

What changed?

I went back to the school that I started my teaching career today. It looked so small compared to 35 years ago when it began.

What changed?

I remember former first grade students coming in my classroom and feeling so little only to find when they came back to the same room as eight graders the room had shrunk!

What changed?

The 200 year old oak tree fell on the house, everything was ruined.  Then our house was totally re-built and re-modeled.

What changed?

Perspective..seeing things from a larger frame of reference.

The town looked different today because I had not seen it from the vantage point I was now looking at it from…..the school looked different today because I was no longer than young 22 year old first time teacher….the room looked smaller because they had grown physically…..our house was remodeled and all the things we had talked about that needed done before the storm were completed!

Perspective changed it all.

Pain…..the body’s way of indicating something is wrong. Loss of job…..a possible career change. Road detour….avoidance of a possible accident. Lemons….yes, lemonade.

Do we need to look at our circumstances from a different perspective?

I do….maybe God’s point of view.

~Be Encouraged Today~


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