Pain..He gets it!

**August 2013 was the first time this posted, and now someone needs reminded of this again…so with little change, here it is…for you.**

PAIN…Jesus gets it.
 It comes in many forms.  You may have experienced a loss of a loved one, which is emotional; but takes on a physical pain.  You may have physical pain that totally consumes you because it is relentless, which becomes an emotional pain.  
I have experienced a physical pain like nothing I had experienced before with arthritis and bone spurs in my hip.  It was relentless, and never seemed to stop before my hip replacement.  Sleep was fleeting to say the least.  I have also experienced that gut wrenching, knife ripping through your chest feeling when the death of a loved one occurs.  We all experience pain sometime in our life, and if you have not….unfortunately you will.


Others may have the same experiences, but each individual experience is how can we really understand?
Which made me realize…Jesus gets it. He has suffered.  He has experienced pain of all kinds.  He gets it.  Why should my life be any different?

Jesus gets it.  He will get me through it.  He will get you through it…over and over and over. 

HE IS ENOUGH because HE GETS IT like no one else can.

~Be Encouraged Today~


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