Just Breathe

Inhale, exhale. Slowly…count to ten.

This past Thursday I found myself dealing with asthma issues. I really had not had any trouble since October of last year and was hoping I had finally “outgrown” this stuff. But I was diagnosed at 35 years of age, so maybe it is too late to “outgrow” it. But I was hopeful.

I helped my mom with some things in her garage and even though I had a mask with me, hanging it around my neck didn’t really do much good. It appears as though dust is one of my major triggers…add some pollen, and well…you have the perfect storm.

If you have asthma, you will understand when I say that catching your breath in the middle of an attack is not an easy thing to do. It is like yawning and you know how you get that relief when you finally breathe? With asthma, you keep trying and trying and never get that relief. And yes, sometimes it truly feels as though an elephant is sitting on your chest.

Since breathing is rather essential, having an attack makes you stop. You have to concentrate and relax. Panic makes it worse. You have to stop and just breathe, as best you can. Inhalers help, but daily maintenance is important as well.

It is kind of like life. We get so busy. The month of May is notorious for being a busy month. But sometimes we have to remind ourselves to just….breathe. And it also requires daily maintenance. Which means…stop during the day and even if it is for five minutes…and just breathe.  And concentrate on the peace of Jesus.

Overwhelmed by the busy? Just breathe.
Wrought with grief over a loss? Just breathe.
Hurt over the circumstances in life that have stopped you in your tracks? Just breathe.
Hopeless over a physical ailment? Just breathe.
Can’t make sense over the loss of a job? Just breathe.
Full of regret over past decisions? Just breathe.

Trust me…you will find that breath. Stop, concentrate on it, relax, give it to Jesus and….just breathe

Take it from this asthmatic, you will find your breath.

~Be Encouraged Today~


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