I am going to assume you have been in an elevator once or twice in your life. Don’t you love them? (sarcasm noted)

I had the opportunity to ride in one up and down in the same building for about four straight days. I like to think I am energetic, but fourteen flights of stairs?  Let’s just say I saved my energy.

These lovely contraptions have a way of making one feel helpless. Getting in, you punch the floor in which you wish to arrive and wait for the elevator to oblige. It stops and starts on different floors, sometimes very smoothly..other times not so much. Some are quick, while others seem to travel forever.

More that once I have gotten on an elevator with a lot of people.   Then, without any thought whatsoever, the elevator continues on its downward spiral and it stops…for more people! Seriously?  And just what space are they supposed to fit into??? I have often times felt hard pressed and even crushed.

Everyone stares at the numbers above the door of the elevator without moving, much less talking, as though it will make it move faster. We know that once that magic number appears we will be off the elevator and set completely free. We have no control over the speed of the ride, much less the departure. We might have been perplexed, but we were not in despair.

Has life ever made you feel that way? The trials and tribulations come at you from all sides. The pressure leaves you perplexed, struck down and hard pressed. You are not really sure if you will make it this time.

We are not destroyed because of our relationship to God and His all surpassing power! It might feel tight and rough, and you might not think you will ever get off that elevator…but rest assured…you are not destroyed!

Remember even though you may feel crushed, that elevator door will open!

~BeEncouraged Today~


*personal graphics, NIV Bible




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