Pitch Dark Room


Pitch Dark Room 

Have you ever walked into a pitch black room?  I mean the kind that was so dark that you could not find your way around for anything in the world?  I was in a cave once…and that was pitch dark!

There are a number of options you can choose.  One can try to find the light switch and access the power.  Or you can grab a flashlight and hope that the batteries are fresh and don’t go out as long as the dark is around.

The choice has to be made by each one of us as we walk into that room.  No one can make the choice for the other, we have to decide ourselves so we will know where the light source is….

Let’s look at the difference.  Once we go to the light switch and throw it on, we have light.  It is instantaneous and under normal circumstances will last until we turn it off.  The flashlight is a bit different.  We run it on the power that the battery provides.  Once that battery is dead, the light is no more.  We cannot access that power, because it is from a source that we have no control over.

I have to compare that to our lives as Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.  We have the choice to access that grace, peace, power, rest, salvation through Jesus.  He is just waiting for us to decide that we are not going to try to walk through this life on our own strength!

I carried that flashlight around for a long time in my Christian walk.  Those batteries finally burnt out in that dark room and I will tell you the truth..so did I!  I could not live the Christian life.  That may sound strange, but when I decided to surrender and let Christ live His life through me, I accessed that power that was always there for me as a believer.  Just waiting to be accessed and turned to “on”.

So when you head into that dark room…know where the light source is!

~Be Encouraged Today~


*first posted 4/14, personal graphics/NIV Bible

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