Too Much Salt?


You are sitting at the table with all of your friends needing to salt your fries.  Everyone watches with a peculiar interest as you pick up the shaker…your fries now have the entire salt shaker contents on them. So much for eating those fries or preserving them! 

Too much salt.  I know we are to be the “salt and light” in this world.(Matt.5:13)  But sometimes I wonder if I used to be “too much salt”? I had a good heart and meant well. I wanted my family and friends to see how happy Jesus had made me. I wanted people to have what I had….I wanted people to have Jesus, change their lives and become better.

And I had a tendency to tell them what they “needed” to do, how they “needed” to change. In fact, I was pretty intense about it.

Too much salt?  No one seemed interested as I told them what to do and how to do it. All they saw was a list of “do’s and don’ts” and quite frankly…I thought it was a list myself. My Type A personality was fine with that, especially since I was still thinking I needed to earn God’s love.

As I have grown older and hopefully more mature, I see the error of those ways. As I said, there was a good heart behind it…but it was not successful.

Love is what turns the heart. Just a little salt….a little bit of flavor and preservative….tempered with some other seasonings…love, compassion, kindness, caring… know how things just taste a little better then!

Just something to ponder…..just how much salt is enough, or too much?

~Be Encouraged Today~



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2 thoughts on “Too Much Salt?

  1. Yup, when I was younger I was the same way so I can identify with this post. Sometimes my enthusiasm wasn’t the winning strategy. Now as a counselor I’ve learned to modify my behavior for what others need, but not becoming a phony either. God’s always working on us isn’t He? It just gives us wisdom. Blessings back,


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