Waiting for the Storms



*Day after update: Two people lost their lives in our area, and many homes, vehicles destroyed.  Scary stuff…be safe if you are in the path of these storms*



We are currently under a number of storm warnings and most of the impact could be felt after 11 pm. Uh, no…..I would rather be asleep. This might be an interesting evening.

It is no secret that we have lost our homes in two storms. One was in 1982 and we lived in a trailer, a tornado got that one. The other was from a derecho in 2009 and we rebuilt our home in the same location. Thankfully the foundation was solid and we in essence were able to remodel it. We moved out for three months and have been back for 9 years. I have written about it in more detail on this post https://yelobrd777.com/2016/05/12/surviving-the-storms/ image-2-28-17-at-7-53-pm-1

So I think when storm warnings are blowing up on social media, my phone and TV….I get a little….let us say…concerned.

But tonight I am not shaking. Oh, my heartbeat will increase when the sirens are wailing and I am in my closet (confession)…but waiting has me thinking.

I remember the days that I use to wait for bad things to happen in my life because there had not been any bad things in a while! I felt I deserved it in some strange way.

Crazy huh?

Now as I wait…I have been warned. I can prepare to an extent. But guess what? I cannot do one thing to stop it. Life happens. Storms occur. And the Father is right by our sides.

So when the sun shines…He is there. When the storms rage….He is there.

I guess as you age and experience life you realize that more and more. He is so faithful. He has never left me, and He never will.

And if the storm rages tonight, He will still be there.

Even in my “tornado closet” in the hallway…when the sirens really wail!nahum-1_7~Be Encouraged Today~


5 thoughts on “Waiting for the Storms

    1. Thanks, we are safe. We seemed to have “dodged the bullet” this time. We live in Illinois. There was a lot of damage in several towns close to us and two people lost their lives. The storms are now headed east…hope you are all okay as well.


      1. Very powerful winds came through for over 24 hours! We even had tornado sirens going off here and our area has larger rolling hills so it hardly ever gets a tornado. But we lived through hurricanes, tornadoes and dust storms as we’ve traveled. Life’s an adventure, that’s for sure and I know Who holds my hand through it all, 🙂


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