Counting and Retraining

3 Sets

I count now more than I did when I was teaching my own children how to count.

No, it is not because it is in another language. Nope, not because I am bored.

Since my hip replacement nine weeks ago I was in therapy six weeks and now do exercises twice a day. Most research shows that holding to a count of 30 seconds is the best way to increase range of motion in that particular area, change a muscle’s length and “retrain” that muscle. My physical therapist made me count and hold at least 30 seconds on every. single. stretch and exercise…… And yes, the difference from nine weeks ago as compared to now is significant.Disclosure-2

So I find myself absentmindedly counting everything. I was brushing my teeth the other morning and I caught myself counting. A few nights ago when laying in bed to sleep…you guessed it. I was counting and there were no sheep involved!

I have gotten into a pattern or some would suggest a habit. While there is debate on how long it takes to form a habit, it can be said that some neuron path somewhere in this old brain has been etched.

I struggled with my “identity in Christ” for years. I use to think that I was so unworthy of His love and found myself performing my best to receive that love. I burned out and was miserable.  Then it happened…Romans 8_38-39

I began to “practice” what I knew was true. I received His unconditional love and believed it whether I actually “felt” it or not! I chose to believe the word of God and spoke those words about His love over and over. I guess you could say I counted them long enough to make me believe it!

Just as we “retrain” or increase the length of our muscles, we must “retrain” our brain to believe the truth and dismiss the lies we have believed for years.

Friends…start counting with me….no telling how you will change!


“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,



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