When Words aren’t Enough…..


What do you say to a mother who has just lost her son in a tragic accident?
What words can provide hope to a seventeen year old pregnant girl whose mother may die from cancer?

How can you bring comfort to a young man whose wife died in childbirth and is left as a single parent with a toddler and newborn?
What can you say to an elderly couple who have been stricken with bad health and have to consider the possibility of life without the other one?

How do you talk with a student who just lost their daddy to a heart attack?
Do words have meaning when talking to a bunch of sixteen year old boys who just lost their friend in a car accident?

I cannot even imagine helping someone who has lost a loved one in a terror attack.

Words seem so empty during these times. And these times seem upon us with great fervor!

I have dealt with death like so many of you reading this and have come to this conclusion: it is not your words….it is your love, prayers and actions in which Christ uses to bring us comfort.

In my experiences, Christ has been my sustenance. As I come upon these situations and many others, quite frankly, words escape me.  But the Father’s love can motivate the actions of a card being sent, donations collected for a pregnant teen or pregnancy center, visits to an elderly couple, a pie delivered to a family unable to think about cooking, a simple hug to a couple of sixteen year old boys. 

And prayers.



While many people might not find value in prayer…when people are praying for you it is a peace that passes all understanding. I believe that the Father allows His people to help carry the pain and grief of those hurting. It is like the grief is so unbearable that one cannot carry it alone, so he spreads it through others. And He weeps too.

This life is indeed but a vapor. And this world is unredeemed. I believe that the Bible teaches us over and over that in this world we will have trouble. Who better to go to than the Heavenly Father with our needs?

I know there are many things I don’t understand. But this I know to be true because I have experienced first hand…Christ is enough. He will sustain you. And often He uses others in that process.

I know this to be true.

So is it possible we have more than words to offer?


“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,

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