Simple Teaching


I should retitle this as “Simply Teaching”…….

This is a really weird time for me. I am happy, but it is different.

I am not getting a school room ready…
which I have done the last ten years….

I taught in some venue for over 25 years.

And now……..

I am not a teacher.

In no way do I regret my decision, I believe with all my heart it was time for a change. I believe that the Father permitted me to leave for many reasons. And I am forever grateful that I could leave. And I am really kind of “HaPpY” (insert Pherrill Williams song here) that I don’t have to deal with it….

But I do miss this time of year….and the kids.

I loved decorating my rooms (one year I had two to decorate due to having students at two schools). I guess it is sad to say that it had become my favorite part of the year the last couple of years. And seeing the kids, feeling the hope of the upcoming year, feeling fresh and ready to go.

Unfortunately, it did not last long. Reality set in. New laws, new rules, new things to do. Students with issues far beyond what some could imagine.  And of course more and more paperwork.   For a type A personality, having more paperwork is not the best thing in the world. I am sure there were some that say I created my own problems because of my personalty, oh well…that’s just who I am.

“Leave it at school” I would hear, most often from people who weren’t in education. Yeah, well tell a teacher to do that and see what they say…most cannot; it is what makes them the fine educators that they are…they love the kids, and in a way they become “their” kids.  I would do anything for my students and treated them as though they were my very own. I know many other teachers that are the same way. I do have a tendency to “mother” all those around me!

And I was a GREAT teacher…..
that had to stop because the stress was slowly making me sick…..and I didn’t know just how bad I felt until I felt better! From hair loss to other issues…a picture speaks a thousand words! (Three years separate these….and a new healthy lifestyle)
10524354_10154430709690164_5118581789657632993_n I knew the Father was giving me permission to leave.  In fact, if I had been listening, I would have left two years before;  but sometimes we just hear and don’t listen and the fear of the unknown stops us from doing what we are to do.

It really makes me sad because people who have no idea about education are making laws about education.

Why can’t teacher be allowed to teach? Why must teachers be accountable for all the ills of the world? Why aren’t teachers considered professionals anymore? Why do so many feel they have to count the days until retirement? Why are they responsible for fixing society?

Because someone must be blamed.

Now I know that I do not speak for every teacher. Nor do I pretend to….I just want teachers starting this new year to know, I respect you, I am in awe of what you do…and I will pray for you this year. May your year be peaceful in a supernatural way. YOU are making a difference, don’t EVER forget that my friends!


“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:1

~Be Blessed

Isaiah 55:8-9

*NIV Bible. personal images*

2 thoughts on “Simple Teaching

  1. I loved reading this! When I subbed a few years ago I got the opportunity to work with you and you were a great teacher! I learned so much from you in the short time I was there and I really appreciated all the support you gave me! I am a teacher in my own classroom now, and feel the frustrations like you mentioned. It’s great knowing there are others out there who understand when others don’t. Good luck with everything and thanks again!


    1. Wow…so good hearing from you! It is so encouraging to know that I was able to help you in some small way and pray that you have a great year! The frustrations are very real and no, not everyone understands….but hang in there! Thanks so much for commenting!


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