Simple Helicopters


Simple Helicopters

Helicopters. Falling. From . Trees.

No, this isn’t a new science fiction story, it is about those “seed pods” that flutter down from the maple, or box elder tree. I was sitting out on the patio the other day, listening to the wind blow and watching them fall out of the trees. It was pretty cool actually.

These helicopters land in the gutters, cracks in the brick, corners, neighbor’s yards…just about everywhere. Once landing, if the seed pod is down, they take root. The circumstances needed for perfect implantation and growing aren’t always present. If they land in fertile, tilled soil they have the best assurance of growth.


Every year we clean out the gutters and other areas in which they have fallen. It is funny to see little tree sprouts growing out of those pods. They certainly are fragile, with one little tug will easily remove them from any area. As I have removed more and more I am reminded of life and how fragile it can be. Life is a gift given by the creator Himself.

God created us each with a purpose, a plan and His pleasure. He enjoys His time with us. He loves us.

These tender little trees need some love, concern and truth. Pulling them out and giving them truth that they needed to be planted in solid soil was the only thing that could give them life. We have some trees in our yard as a result of that “truth”. They are various sizes and in different places. But the “truth” indeed set them free!

My sister in law currently has breast and bone cancer. And years ago a dear friend passed with this very disease. If you have ever tried to encourage someone in those circumstances?  It is hard. How do you possibly minister to them? Truth.

Have you ever had to tell your child that a good friend had an accident and passed away? What can you possibly say? Just truth…

Plain, simple truth. Truth is the word of God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit. Nothing else. His word is truth, his word is love. His word can set the captors free.

John 8:32 “You will know the truth and it will set you free.”

Jesus said that he was the way and the truth and the life….simple helicopters.

Simply stay focused on truth….Jesus.

Be blessed~


Isaiah 55:8-9

*google image, NIV*

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