The NEW Seedlings


Time in the garden has its moments!!

When I first started homeschooling, I was not completely confident in my ability to teach my own children.  Oh I knew that I truly had been called to do so, but I also heard a lot of negative from well meaning family members and friends.  “You cannot protect them forever”.  “They need to learn how to deal with the ‘real’ world.”  


Someone told me this story, and I cannot remember who it was or I would give credit.  It is probably not exactly how I heard it…but the same principle applies.

We start our plants from seeds.  The goal is for those seeds to grow into seedlings and then into the plant or vegetable to grow to full maturity.  We cultivate them when inside.  We make sure they get enough water, good soil and plenty of sunshine.  We move them from window to window if necessary, and even put them in a greenhouse.

We put them out.  Maybe too early, maybe not.  It is our first time growing our own plants, so it is a trial run really. The seedlings settle in the ground and the roots begin to grow.  Things are looking good!  Until…

The winds come, and the little seedlings get a bit unsettled.  The rain is so heavy and the seedlings have a hard time keeping their roots in the soil.  They are a bit wobbly.  Finally the rabbits raid the garden.  The roots are so battered, bruised, water logged….the rabbits win.  The seedlings are uprooted.  They did not last.  Maybe they were put out too early.

The next time we wait longer.  The roots are stronger and established.  Once planted in the garden they seem sturdy.  The rains come.  The wind comes, and those pesky little rabbits…but the roots stay firm.  The seedlings grow into strong sturdy plants.  They survive because their root system is strong enough to withstand all those issues!!  The storms rage and of course will come…but they stand.

So can we dare apply that to our children?  Can we put them in this old world too early?  We can train, teach and educate them until we feel we should.  We can go against what the world says…and follow the will of the Father.  It is not for everybody, but is it for you and your children? Are you called to educate your children? Only you can answer that question.

Trust me when I say…those storms will come and rage.  Your childrens’ root system will be tested.  Will their roots be strong enough?

Blessings dear ones~


Isaiah 55:8-9

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