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Simple Days


A Terrible, Horrible, no Good, very Bad Day!

A simple day can bring may things.  Joy, laughter, pain, sorrow.  It can be simple, complex, confusing, long or short.  It can end quickly, or go on forever. We have all had those days.  But Moms go on.  They endure.

I left early to avoid the rain.  Well you guessed it.  As soon as I pulled in the lot the downpour began.  And shall I mention the lightning and thunder?  I had to get out and open the gate.  Umbrella up, strong shove.  No movement.  Lightning strike, umbrella up…stronger shove…success.  And the umbrella really didn’t work.

The morning settled down a bit.  I worked my shift, made a phone call about a trip I “won”, which of course was too good to be true.  My shift got over and I headed home for Monday chores.  Need I say more?

The sink got clogged, the washer overflowed, the dog threw up, the kids did not pick up their clothes, the stove burner quit working, and all this in one hour.  Yes, it was going to be a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.  But Moms go on.  They endure.

I got to supper with a few more issues, but everything seem to slow down a bit.  I had bought meat to grill, and it was very thick.  I decided to pre broil it before grilling.  I made a huge mess, it would be tough but I tried to grill it anyway.  Once the meat was on the grill I put the potatoes on the stove top burner that worked and headed back outside to check on the meat.  I could tell you that the grill lid had come loose and the top metal rack was laying on top of the meat.  I could tell you that the grill lid was sliding off the back, too hot to fix and the meat had caught on fire.  Would you believe me? Nah…

The meat was now “done” and the potatoes were finishing.  I picked up a bowl to place in the dishwasher and of course it was full of milk that proceeded to jump from the bowl onto the floor, cabinets and my jeans.  I made some very loud noises.  They must have been of another planet because the boys came running and their dishwashing skills became quite evident.  

Did I mention that the smoke alarm sounded, I tripped over the dog and fell on my knee?  I didn’t think so.  “Lord, I need your help right now.” I murmured under my breath.  Dinner was completed, and somehow we found a way to eat the charred mess.  The potatoes survived.

Moms endure. But this momma needed a bike ride.  Why would this be any different than the rest of the day?  Soon the neighborhood dog was chasing me down the street, I was trying to get away from him and a car was headed straight into my path.  I swerved, got away from the dog and headed for home.

I got home and went to the bedroom and just sat.  I did not move.  But the bed did.  Two baskets full of clothes to be folded still on the bed…and as if to add insult to injury, it still fell off of one of its legs.  I gave up.  I yelled that I was going to bed and even though my husband offered to fix the bed, I declined.  He knew that this Mom had endured her limit for the day!

I woke up in the night (in a slanted position I might add)…and just thanked God for getting me through the day.  Yes it was terrible, horrible, not good and very bad…I still had a roof over my head, a healthy, sleeping family and the silence of the night. I had my life and the Lord had protected me through all the trials throughout the day.  I had endured…with His help. 

Matthew 6:34 “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

After all, tomorrow was a new day. Possibly a wonderful, delightful, good not bad day!!

~Teachable moment~ ALEXANDER’S TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, NO GOOD, VERY BAD DAY by Judith Viorist is a great book to talk about our circumstances and how it feels sometimes…yet God does not leave!

Be Blessed~

Isaiah 55:8-9

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