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Thankful for You

This is the week that we technically pause to give thanks. Some start the first day of the month thanking the Father for one thing a day.  Some people plan large family gatherings.  Others have “friendsgivings” which allows families that are actually not related by blood gather together when their biological families might not be around.

I must say that I am grateful for you.  You read the words that I MUST write to be complete myself.  You read the words that I feel led to write as encouragement.  You read the words that I often have been given to encourage me.

Even when our daily lives seem full of discouragement, hurt feelings, misunderstandings and circumstances in life that are out of our control…God is by our side.

But please KNOW you are loved unconditionally by God Almighty.  

He sees every hurt, hears every cry and meets every need.

I have many things to be thankful for this year.  And one of them is you.

~Be Encouraged Today


Stepping Out

Stepping out in faith requires the ability to fill shoes.

Yes, shoes.sometimes-taking-a-step-of-faith-requires-wearing-shoes-you-never-thought-youd-be-able-to-wear-or-fit-in-to-thats-why-its-called-faith-2

I have found that sometimes those shoes seem mighty big and nearly impossible to fill! For some reason shoes are what I think of…maybe because in and within myself I know I cannot do it. But the beauty of the Father tells me that if He is leading me, the shoes don’t have to fit.  He will fill them for me.

You might be stepping out in faith yourself.  phil-1_4-6

~Be Encouraged Today~








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