Stepping Out

Stepping out in faith requires the ability to fill shoes.

Yes, shoes.sometimes-taking-a-step-of-faith-requires-wearing-shoes-you-never-thought-youd-be-able-to-wear-or-fit-in-to-thats-why-its-called-faith-2

I have found that sometimes those shoes seem mighty big and nearly impossible to fill! For some reason shoes are what I think of…maybe because in and within myself I know I cannot do it. But the beauty of the Father tells me that if He is leading me, the shoes don’t have to fit.  He will fill them for me.

You might be stepping out in faith yourself.  phil-1_4-6

~Be Encouraged Today~








*personal graphics, NIV Bible




1 thought on “Stepping Out

  1. Love this post! Back in the day, I wore a pair of Air Force combat boots. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be in the military. And yet, God equipped me during those years to fulfill a role that was initially foreign to me. I never was assigned overseas or in a war zone, but I had opportunities to share the Gospel with nonbelievers…a battle for the soul!

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