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My Gift to You!

Hey friends….

Through tomorrow (Sunday, August 24) “Seaside Change”, the novella only,  is available ……………………………………………….FREE

Seaside Change, The Novella

The original one contains the companion 30-Day Devotional and Discussion Guide.  This is the novella only, which was requested and I formatted for Kindle.

Hope you check it out and leave a review!Copy of Saeside Change Final

Be Encouraged Today


~The Ocean Series~ Creation Cries Out

When I look at pictures of past visits to the ocean I am speechless.  The blue skies, white ocean caps, red flowers, beautiful seagulls, clouds, the golden moon…need I say more?

DSC00023 moon


And I still gaze in awe.

My Father created it all. It will never cease to amaze me. I am absolutely breathless when I see a line of clouds form over the gulf and deliver rain and gusts of wind. My eyes literally tear up when I sit on the edge of the beach and watch dolphins play in the currents. My heart swells at the mere thought of the expansive nature of the ocean in front of me. I reach out my hand to touch the moon, as if I can.


We have so much to see on our earth. Whether it is the ocean, mountains, or even the annoying snow that sometimes seems to bury us…we have a beautiful world. We have misused it and polluted it…..and yet creation continues to cry out!

DSC01023 DSC01127DSC01268


So I guess today I would suggest that you stop. Stop and look around. What do you see in God’s creation that simply takes your breath away? Don’t let life preoccupy so much that you miss those things of beauty all around. He created it for you in His love and He wants you to enjoy it. 

~Be Encouraged Today~


God’s Handiwork


God’s Handiwork

We’ve just come back from a wonderful vacation.

We were able to spend some time on Sanibel Island, FL and a sunset on Siesta Key, FL.

We always love the beach, but this year we seem to notice so many examples of God’s creation that just stood out to us. I think that as we get older we actually stop and take time to see….more than when we were young and so busy.

Websters defines “Handiwork” as “work done by the hands; work done personally.”


We collected shells, and no two were the same. Continue reading God’s Handiwork