Encouragement for Today~In today's world of swirling circumstances, we need to be reminded of how much we are loved by God.

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Thankful for You

This is the week that we technically pause to give thanks. Some start the first day of the month thanking the Father for one thing a day.  Some people plan large family gatherings.  Others have “friendsgivings” which allows families that are actually not related by blood gather together when their biological families might not be around.

I must say that I am grateful for you.  You read the words that I MUST write to be complete myself.  You read the words that I feel led to write as encouragement.  You read the words that I often have been given to encourage me.

Even when our daily lives seem full of discouragement, hurt feelings, misunderstandings and circumstances in life that are out of our control…God is by our side.

But please KNOW you are loved unconditionally by God Almighty.  

He sees every hurt, hears every cry and meets every need.

I have many things to be thankful for this year.  And one of them is you.

~Be Encouraged Today




It is Published!

Well folks….

Finally.  It went “live” on Amazon this morning.

Peace in the Midst(Book 1)  from the Unexpected Gift Series has been published on Kindle.

It is finally complete!  I am waiting for the paperback book to be printed as we speak.  This has been a labor of love for me.  It most certainly has been labor, that is for sure. 😉

After weeks of editing, formatting, designing….then REPEAT…..too many times to count, it is here.  I feel like I just had a baby and I am hoping no one says my baby is ugly!  I may have to develop some tough skin.

I am offering all my Facebook friends and family, and those friends that follow this blog a different price.  Right now the Kindle version is just $2.99 rather than $4.99.

I would be honored for you to read it.  My hope, as always is that you will be encouraged throughout the novel.  I will leave the link for you in case you are interested.  If not, no big deal, just rejoice with me that after 25 years, I finally did it!

Plans are already in the works for books 2 and 3 in the series.  I cannot leave my “friend/characters” in the book where they are…life must go on!

~Be Encouraged Today~


Peace in the Midst/Unexpected Gift Series Book 1


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I have missed blogging so much.  But I am so happy to say that UNEXPECTED GIFTS will be coming to a Kindle near you November 9th!

As I finish up, I need some help.  Would you mind taking a few minutes to look at my book description and the blurbs?  I have two to choose from and I would value your opinion.

And if you have any suggestions, questions or comments, I value those as well.

Thanks so much!

Best Book Blurb

~Be Encouraged Today~