The Photo Album

Several years ago I had the opportunity to meet an aunt and cousin.  They were actually my husband’s, but they still were “mine”.  Through a series of events and searching by my aunt, she located our name.  Through some unfortunate circumstances we had never met, much less knew of each other’s existence.  

We met for lunch and talked as though we had known each other for years!  It was the sweetest thing.  We had shared some similar experiences, loves, hopes and dreams.  We shared photo albums, marveling at the physical resemblance of generations so long ago.  It was simply delightful.

What joined our hearts so quickly?  It really wasn’t a biological connection, because technically I did not have one.  But we figured it out…we connected our hearts because we all loved Jesus so much!

I saw in my mind’s eye the Father opening his photo album.  He turned the pages ever so carefully, pointing out the characteristics of each of his children.  He told stories of what the pictures meant…”Here my daughter found her first seashell, she was so excited…see her smile?  She was thinking about my creation…how sweet is that?”  He pointed out the resemblance of each of his children.  “Sara loves on the sick children at the hospital.  Jonathan sat at my feet in this picture as we talked.”

Can’t you see the smile?  Can you feel the pride he has over his children?  He continues to look, page by page…picture by picture.  There are millions of albums, and he tires of none.

What connected us at lunch? What connects all of us right now?  Jesus.  It is quite simple..JESUS.  Our hearts are one when we know Him as our Savior.  Could it be practice for our heavenly home?

I have to go…I have some photo albums to look at.

~Be Encouraged Today~


*personal graphics, NIV Bible

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