~The Ocean Series~ Beach Balls

Ah, you have finally settled down with a good book.  Sunscreen applied, hat tilted just right.  The waves are lapping against your chair and the sun is overhead.  The book you have been waiting to read all winter.  

Then you are viciously attacked by a flying beach ball!! Actually a kid just missed hitting it back to his brother.  It came out of no where! You dropped the book, turned over your iced tea, and yes….tipped your chair.

Life sometimes reminds me of getting hit by surprise with a beach ball.  You are doing all the things that life demands and everything comes to a screeching halt!! You have a mammogram and the doctor calls to tell you that you need to come back for a second scan and then you learn it is cancer.                                                                                           

                                                                out of no where…

You receive a call from a friend that her child has disappeared..for the third time this year. She was scheduled for rehab in a week.

out of no where….

Your husband doesn’t feel too well, but heads off to work anyway. Then the call comes from his boss; he’s been rushed to the hospital.

                                                                   out of no where…

Life just happens. We live in a fallen world that has not been redeemed and we are going to go through tough times.

But Father God, our Abba understands.  The one who is with you when you say goodbye to a love one. He is there when you don’t know if you can get up in the morning due to your severe depression.


I know from experience. When the beach ball comes out of no where with a THUMP…He never left my side. And He won’t leave yours. 

Maybe next time I will stay seated in my chair!

~Be Encouraged Today~


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