Not Just Reading Glasses…


It used to just be reading glasses…

Do you like to read?  I must say it is one of my favorite past times…but usually it is late at night and I fall asleep before I get through three pages!  But I still enjoy reading anything put in front of me.

There in lies the problem.  When I turned 40 my arms simply were not long enough. As time went on, I transferred from just reading glasses to the tri focal version.  And at 58, they are the first thing I grab in the morning.  They certainly amplify the words, and quite frankly, everything else I lay eyes on! All these things appear larger than they really are…but they indeed are true in image and focus.

I am so grateful for the ability to actually see better.  Looking through these glasses really gives me perspective of what I am looking at.

I contend that the Father gives us His eyes if we allow Him to do so. If we see personal problems and issues of this world through His eyes, somehow they become so much clearer.  They don’t go away and we still might not understand.  But I have found that I can deal with personal problems with much different “vision”.

Jesus gets it folks. When no one else understands, He does. He sees it with clarity, and although we may not really understand, we can always trust Him. I know from experience.

So I need my glasses. I am grateful with the “clarity” in which I now see…trust me, they help in many ways…..

Don’t tell anyone I have gotten in the shower and wondered why my eyes got cloudy!

~Be Encouraged Today




6 thoughts on “Not Just Reading Glasses…

  1. Hahaha, excellent post and yes I can identify with your words. As someone who received glasses at 11 years old, my mother says I was walking around that day, gaping wonder-eyed at everything I saw!

    I had no idea what the world truly looked like because I thought I was fine with my old eyes. Yet, everything became so clear and bright, I wondered what I had lost out on previously by living blindly?! As a Believer, it’s similar isn’t it? We think the old world is just fine until we see clearly that there’s so much better out there in Christ! Keep inspiring my friend, blessings back,

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    1. Oh how wonderful to hear from you again. I am finishing up my second book(devotional, novella and discussion guide all in one) and have not been keeping up here like I would like to, but write when I get a chance! Hope you are well dear friend!

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