Encouraging Fiction

I am so happy that “Peace in the Midst” has provided encouragement to several people.  I have had some send me private messages, and some in person.  I am not a theologian, just a lover of Christ.  Yes, this is my first published book. No, it is not perfect.  But I am so grateful that the Father has used it in the lives of people.  Truly, I am humbled.

I also realize that God gifts us in many areas, and that we choose whether or not to use these gifts for His glory.  To surrender our lives means that in all areas of life we surrender, even the very simple things.  When we indeed understand the unconditional love of God that is not a difficult task. Well, I will admit that the “little things” are harder than the bigger.

We have had a few days when several things have gone wrong at the house and in other areas.   In fact, if I were to list them you would probably laugh.  This is the reaction we have finally chosen.  After fretting over them a bit, we have turned them over as well.

So as awkward as this feels to ask, please feel free to share this post.  The more encouragement out there, the better!

~Be Encouraged Today


2 thoughts on “Encouraging Fiction

  1. You have accomplished what so many want to do but never complete. I know you placed your whole life (apart from your Biblical Blog) into your book. You have a right to be proud and it’s a wonderful debut novel!

    It took me 5 years before I felt comfortable about posting my first novel. “Sometimes Marriage is a Real Crime” (99 cents on amazon.com) because I felt if anything happened to my sweet hubby I’d be in trouble, 🙂 and two years to write the sequel. Actually it was because of my fear of failure or imperfection.

    What’s wonderful about e-books is that we can always go back and rewrite or “flesh it out” if we want. Remember only one effort was Perfect the first time and that was the life of Christ! Well done my friend, well done. ❤

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    1. Awwww, thank you so much sweet friend. I am so humbled. God’s timing is perfect. I am not the same person I was 25 years ago, I know who I am IN Christ now and have so many more life experiences, and I know more to come. He planted this beautiful seed in my heart and now it growing. And what a wonderful reminder that there was one perfect one. And I have went back several times and “rewritten” and will probably do it again! I am going to have to make sure I have downloaded your book! Love you dear one!

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