~The Ocean Series~ Hair, The Beach, Salt Water and Freedom


There is some irony here.  Why is it that when I am at the beach my hair gets kinkier, curlier and of course the frizz is at an all time high?

We sometimes spend a day at the beach and then go in to get ready to go out and eat.  I use to spend time doing my hair before we went out for that “picture perfect” meal outside near the sand so we could see the moon and hear the surf.SALTYHAIR.png

Time not well spent.  The minute I would walk out the door, my hair demanded its own way.  More curl, more frizz and more kink!  

And yet…..

At home I use “Sea Salt Spray” on my wet hair to get “ocean curls.”  WHAT?

When we have it, we don’t want it,  And when we want it, we don’t have it.  We are a silly, silly people.

Why can’t we just be content with what we have?  Why do we have to have something different?  Why do we never seem satisfied?1 Timothy 6_6-7

My hair is my hair.  I lose as much as I grow.  But it is still naturally frizzy, curly and kinky when left to its own devices.

And that is ok.  Either here or at the beach, I embrace my hair.  I embrace who God designed me to be.  

Gees, I can grab a hat or let it fly!  Either way I am reminded of the freedom I have in Christ.

And that is the best kind of freedom to have, on a beach with my frizz or in the middle of the land locked Midwest! And I can always grab a hat!

~Be Encouraged Today~


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