Getting Through the Fog


It was foggy the other day.  And, as was expected, it was hard to see through the fog. Our car headlights allowed us to get “through” the fog. We did not avoid it, we did not go over it, or under it….the light got us through it.John 16_33

I love these verses. A good friend pointed them out to me the other day when we were talking. Sure, I have heard them over and over. And I can even quote them. But can I live in them? The Amplified version even explains it better.

Jesus did not say we “might” have troubles, He said we “would” have troubles. But…. there is hope. That hope that says “I will not necessarily deliver you from your trials and brokenness…but through them. You will get to the other side. God gets us “through” our challenges, for He has overcome the world and all that there is within this world. His victory is abiding.

May we Rest in that Hope, that Perfect Peace.

For the fog will show up, as will His light to guide us through it.

~Be Encouraged Today~


4 thoughts on “Getting Through the Fog

    1. There are so many times in our lives that we feel like we are in the “fog”, what a wonderful truth to know that He indeed is that abiding, constant light! Thanks for reading and commenting, you always encourage me!!

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  1. A very good post, We think God is like the calvary in some old western that comes to deliver at the last moment. But he is doing a work in us and through us and sometimes we must endure through the trials so we can grow into Christ Likeness. Thank you for sharing. Adron. PS you might like to read one of my poems of encouragement at my website.


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