Love “Ain’t” Always Easy!

Do we love ourselves?  That sounds so “self centered” doesn’t it?

But do we have confidence in who we are in Christ?  Do we believe that we are loved without condition?  Knowing how much we are loved allows us to love our neighbors and even those we might not think we could ever love!

I have indeed “been there, done that”.

I have to admit I don’t love someone in my own strength in order to surrender to His love…which allows me to love others.

Just being real today friends!

Matthew 22_37-39

~Be Encouraged Today~


2 thoughts on “Love “Ain’t” Always Easy!

  1. Hit the nail on the head today! I woke up feeling discouraged. Thinking I’m not enough. It is a wonderful thing to know and feel Gods love for me. I can do hard things because of that never ending love.


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