No Availability



Is there Availability?

I have called a hotel to see if it has availability on a certain date….and sometimes they don’t have it.  So I make more calls until I find one with availability. Or, yes I check online….

And we have all seen the flashing signs along the roadway when we need to pull over and get a few hours sleep….”NO AVAILABILITY” No Availability

But today this spoke to me in a different way. I had the opportunity to visit and love on two wonderful, younger moms one day this week.  I met with one for coffee during the morning and one in the afternoon. Then later on in the evening I spent some time on the phone with a friend and former Bible study student.

 I learned so much from them, and in turn I believe I was able to speak into their life as well. And I got to cradle a newborn baby in my arms for a couple of hours. How sweet is that?

Let’s face it….I am a little older and I am really okay with that. I know that the Father has taken these life experiences and taught me so much. I also know that I still have a lot to learn.

But the beauty of it all is that I am available. I can encourage young moms and love on their babies. I can be a sounding board for a former student with some questions. And of course, being available for “aging” parents is of the utmost importance.

One of the young ladies that I was with talked to me about availability to God. She said that she had read a devotion that indicated she needed to be available to God every day. Some days her plans became His plans. And His were always better.1 Thes 5_11

Oh how the Lord has been making that so clear to me. Get rid of all your unnecessary busy-ness daughter!

That doesn’t mean that you have to quit your job, nor does it mean that if you miss it you or you will be condemned..but on that job you might be available to encourage someone. How about giving the clerk at the grocery store a smile? How about listening to that still small voice that puts someone on your mind to text? We don’t have to order our entire day…

“In giving we receive”

What does our signage say?

Be Encouraged Today~

Isaiah 55_8-9


*personal graphics, NIV Bible

7 thoughts on “No Availability

  1. Great words of wisdom for us “seasoned” women to make ourselves available to those coming along behind us. There’s really nothing more important than to speak hope and help into someone else’s life! Thanks!


    1. I love that term, “seasoned”! I may have to borrow it. I am so thankful for those women who spoke life to me when I was younger. The wisdom they imparted into my heart is now passed on. Thanks for your comments!


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