The Empty Glass

Tis' HOT

I heard we have a “dome” over most of the USA.  And I will say…be careful if you are out there, and be sure and check on neighbors and animals.

That was my Public Service Announcement for today. 

With the “hot” comes the need for some kind of cold beverage. Our recent beverage of choice is seltzer water. 

Today I got out one of the tallest glasses I own. I filled it with ice and began to pour. Unfortunately, I focused on our dog, Oscar,  for a minute. It was a minute too long and yes, as you would guess…the seltzer water ran out and over that tall glass. It seemed to almost “bubble” over.

Friends, the truth of the matter is that we are empty vessels. We are to be empty of self. Then we pour Jesus into our souls, our hearts. We want more of Him. The more of Him we fill up with…well the natural outpouring of that is…..HIM. We fill up until He runs out of us. We “overflow” with Him!Eph3

Sounds simple…but that is grace folks! It is not about us and what we can do or accomplish. It is about Him and what He can do and accomplish through us…that empty glass.

In this day and age I believe this truth is more important than ever!

More of HIM and less of me.

Next time you fill up that glass…don’t worry…the excess will spill onto something, rest assured!

~Be Encouraged Today

Isaiah 55_8-9



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