Where is the Hope?

My heart is so burdened right now.  And I know many of you carry those same burdens.   Prayers for so many in our lives and the lives of people in our nation.


It would be easier to simply stay in bed somedays…

…..under the covers and not pay any attention to what is going on in the news or sometimes our very own lives. The chaos swirls around us on a personal, local, national and international level.

So much pain, so much hurt, so much sorrow.

And we are could really sound hopeless.

But we are not without hope friends.It may not sound like the appropriate response to all the chaos. But it is what I hold on to through this life.Psalm 39_7-3Hope eternal.

That truth will help me get up in the morning.


“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,


*personal graphics, NIV Bible


2 thoughts on “Where is the Hope?

  1. So well said.. Times will only get worse until He takes us home. I’m amazed how God gets the blame for the bad that happens even though heartache began because of man’s disobedience. Yet God offered His own Son as Redemption.) Sometimes I also feel like crying, “How much more Lord?” God doesn’t promise smooth sailing in life, only safety within His arms during the storm Blessings back,


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