Skin On

With skin on

Danny loved superheroes. He often would talk about them to everyone he saw. One morning at breakfast his mom was talking to him about his daddy. “Danny, do you know that your daddy is like a superhero?”

Danny just stared at his mom. “He helps people all the time. He fixes our cars when they need fixed, he works to bring home money for us to buy food. He helps take care of our neighbor when he mows his lawn. And he tells you he loves you at night when he puts you to bed after he reads your bedtime story”

Danny was perplexed. His face showed he was deep in thought. He sat for several minutes without saying a word until finally….”But Mommy, I want a superhero with skin on!”


Little Danny may have a point.

How many opportunities have I missed? When I cannot get someone off my mind I always pray, but sometimes I may just need to visit or send a text checking in on them.

Jesus, with skin on.

It is not that hard to love on people. Oh, I know it is hard to love on SOME people, and most likely those are the ones that need love the most. That my friends…. is called surrender and letting Christ love them through you!

We may have the opportunity to love on someone that needs to be reminded that they are loved by God. Often times people know the truth, but to hear it from someone confirms what they needed to hear. And sometimes people just need someone to listen.

Sometimes we just need to stop, listen, obey and be….

Jesus, with skin on.

By the way….know that you are loved by God…this coming from someone with “skin on”.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,


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