Wave Watching

Wave 1-2

There have been many things written about waves. I am simply mesmerized by them. There is a rhythmic motion that reminds me of being rocked as a child. I can literally sit on the shore and watch them endlessly.

Since I cannot sit and watch them endlessly, I love to take in everything I can when I am in that position of rest.

 I have watched waves wash upon the shore in an individual manner each and every time. Like the shining stars of the evening, like our fingerprints, no single wave is like another.

We are individuals, created by God with a purpose. Not one of our lives is like the other. None of our stories are exactly the same. He created each of us with a plan in mind.Psalm 139_13-16-2

We are made in His image. Like the waves, we are all similar, yet special.

Some of these waves gathered strength and crashed upon the shore with fury. Those on the sandbar at tide came in quietly, swirling and almost giggling as they met one another!

We are each gifted to be used for God’s glory.


Don’t watch all the other waves and miss your time on the shore.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,


*NIV Bible, personal images


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