Thankful for Teachers’ Hearts

Spoiler Alert~

I was a special education teacher, as well as a homeschooling mom in my previous life.  In other words…another lifetime ago.  Or so it feels….

A Teacher's Heart-2

I received some encouragement the other day about a former student from several years ago who graduated and is going on to college.  I was thrilled and he and his mom made me feel like I made a difference in his life.  I used to work only with children with “learning disabilities” or “differences” as I liked to say, and my students often times had trouble getting through high school. So to see some of them make it has always warmed my heart!

In later years the population I was in charge of changed dramatically.  My last year of teaching I had students with autism, emotional disorders, down’s syndrome and other diverse issues.  By the time the state and federal government added their lovely requirements and paperwork…well, after many tears and a lot of prayer…I said goodbye to teaching.  I loved teaching, but did not feel that I was able to do the best for the children anymore.

Since summer break is right around the corner, I wanted to say thank you.  There were several teachers who had a major impact on my life.  And there are those of you either homeschooling or teaching in the public setting who deserve to be honored and encouraged.

The public has no idea what you do after hours, holiday hours and in the summer. The money you spend out of your own pocket and the nights you spend worrying about your “kids” doesn’t make national news.

So “Thank You” dear ones for your heart and for all you do.


“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,


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