Incredible Creatures

While on our vacation to Dauphin Island, Alabama we visited the Esturaium (their sea lab). Once a teacher, always a teacher and I have to take pictures and read every piece of information.WOW

When I homeschooled the boys this was something that drove them crazy. Every trip was a “learning experience” or “field trip”. I had to remember to just have fun sometimes….

At any rate, even though one son and daughter in law were with us, since he is almost 30 I figured I could leave the reading up to them.incredible creatures

There were several incredible creatures, but one in particular intrigued me. It was a purple spiny lobster. This guy’s colors were amazing. And I was so taken in by this guy that I probably got his name wrong!


But God created him.
With a purpose.
With his own special beauty.

Just like me….just like you.

How amazing is that? You too have your own special beauty. You too have a purpose.

Don’t doubt that you aren’t important or that you aren’t love



The purple lobster may never know…but maybe we can.


“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,


*personal graphics, NRSV Bible

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