Do Overs

1st Try-2

We all have had them…

Yesterday I started a large plaque for my porch. I had grand ideas. Then I had more grand ideas. They didn’t go well together and the plaque didn’t turn out the same way it had in my mind.

After a good night’s rest and a day out in the beautiful weather, I thought of something.

I could have a “do-over”.

Why not? All I had to do was repaint the wood and try another idea. And so that I did this afternoon.

And I liked it. It is a keeper.

Do Over

When I taught in a special education classroom, my children were allowed many “do overs”. A few of them hated to try again. Needless to say, the erasers at the ends of most of my pencils in the room didn’t last long. Many of the students were very bothered by having to correct items. But often times, by that third of fourth time they had achieved the desired goal.

The “do over” was successful. Perfection wasn’t the goal….just doing it again to gain better understanding, or to do it with more effort was the goal.

That is like our Father. He gives us a chance for many “do overs”. We can mess up, not try, not understand, make a mistake.

And He calls out loud and clear…..”Do Over”!

We shouldn’t have talked that way to our sister.
We hurt a loved one by lying.
We cheated on a test.
We took something that wasn’t ours to take.

*Feel free to place other errors on an adult scale.

“Forget the forme

We wanted a “do over” and He gave it to us.

Oh, the pencil eraser might have disappeared….the paper might be torn from erasing so much.

But we still got a “Do Over”. If He gives them to us, don’t we need to be sure and give them to our kids? Our students? Our loved ones and friends?

Better stock up on those stand alone erasers.


“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,


*NIV Bible, personal graphics

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