Loving the “Under-Plants”


It is no secret that I really enjoy the outdoors. We are enjoying the current “Jeep” season. When we came back home today I noticed some interesting things about some of the plants in the yard.

This little guy, the small day lily decided to bloom months after all of the siblings had their time in the limelight. I guess he wanted all the attention. He wasn’t ready to shine until now.


The rubber plant was simply a “start” off of another rubber plant. I was told that it might not even root, much less grow. And look at it now. I think it heard the comment and fought hard to survive.


I really thought that this hibiscus plant was done for the season and it surprised me this morning with a gorgeous new bloom. I was thrilled to see it. And with an explanation point..there are four more ready to emerge.


The pampas grass is huge. When we bought it four years ago it was very small and unassuming. The gentleman at the nursery assured me that it would grow..and get very big. I was doubtful.  It took a while, but it took off and hasn’t stopped once it started. Looks like it will be divided soon.

Pampas Grass

Now my favorite (today) is my knock out rose bush. I bought it at the end of a season a couple of years ago and it was reduced to 75% off. My husband wondered why I even spent that much money. It looked pretty pitiful. Look at it now! It took a little tender love and care and now it produces enough roses to allow me cuttings to bring inside.

Knock Out Roses

All these stories about my plants remind me of children.  As a one time special education teacher, I always rooted for the underdog. Each child is special and is gifted by God in a way we sometimes don’t see immediately. But the gift is there. 

One might develop a little slower than his siblings, but once he is rooted and established, he will bloom beautifully and in his own time. Another might appear to be struggling horribly with starting and growing…but given the right conditions, he will fight hard to survive.

One little gal might appear to not be paying attention to anything you say or that is said in class…then one day she exhibit gifts beyond your imagination. Then there is the one that might start off very small and quiet and once trust is established and some time is invested, he grows bigger in confidence and stature than any other child you have taught.

Then there is that one little guy who moves in from another town. He is small, troubled and some might wonder why you would spend any time nurturing or helping him. He will probably move again in two months anyway. He stays, you pour into the child the best you have and he produces fruit over and over. His gifts flow from him because you have taken the time to cultivate them.

“Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care. And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.  So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.” Matthew 10:29-31

Whether a home schooling mom or public/private school educator…you are the gardener. You my friend are cultivating, nourishing and protecting these children. There is no limit to what might grow right in front of your very eyes!

The %22Under-plants%22

Guess I can call my plants the “Under-Plants” now!!


“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,










*NIV Bible, personal graphics

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