You Might Need to use Your Thumbs!

You Might Need to use Your Thumbs!


We’ve heard it a million times, “actions speak louder than words”. And while I do agree with that quote, there is something to be said about words. Often the “action” is in presenting the words!

We have so many ways to express our sentiments. We can text, Facebook, instagram, twitter…and not have to verbally say a thing; one doesn’t even have to pick up the phone or make a visit.

How hard can that be?

You can even express concern for someone without really meaning it. That sounds cruel, but the benefits for the person receiving that concern can be incredible.

I am not recommending insincerity at all, but I cannot begin to understand how hard it is to tell someone that you are praying for them, that you are concerned for their welfare, that they are on your mind….a few simple words is all that is required.

“The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.” Mark 12:31

There is literally no investment, but it appears to be a forgotten part of etiquette. Just show respect, just be kind. It takes a little bit of time.

How hard can that be?


In our fast pace society that seems to be focused on “me”, we have been given the opportunity to show we aren’t selfish…..we have every possible social means to do so…and yet we do not.

Sometimes we just have to surrender our flesh and the feelings to Christ as He cares for others through us. Something to think about…..

I must be more mindful of that in the future.

I might just have to use a couple of thumbs to do it!

~Be Blessed

In Christ Alone



*pixabay, google image, NIV Bible

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