Simple Chatter

Simple Chatter


If you’ve ever been around a group of people…little or big, your own children or your own classroom, even a group of friends….. you will be able to totally relate to this….


Chatter-a sound that emanates from a room when everyone is talking at once.

Can you hear it now? Everyone is talking at the same time. They might be talking to you or each other, but nothing is distinguishable.

Everyone trying to talk at the same time when they are tattling on one another, or trying to tell you something that happened when the substitute was present.

Mass chaos.

“Calm down. Be quiet. Raise your hand…now one at a time.” “Stop, now boys….tell me one thing at a time, one person at a time.”

Aren’t you glad that our heavenly Father is not that way?

We can all mumble, yell, talk, whisper or think our thoughts and He does not ask us to stop until it is our turn to talk. Amen! He is incredibly interested in what we was and wants us to take the time to say it. He also wants us to take the time to listen to Him.

I would often say to my class: “Now you have talked and it is my turn. You must listen to me.” One little boy I remember had a hard time being quiet, and in turn missed a lot of instruction and was always lost.

When we don’t take time out to listen to our Father, we sometimes miss instructions and we seem lost. Just like my student, the teacher will repeat the instructions when asked. God never gives up on us. I wonder if the more we don’t listen….the fainter the voice seems to be?

“The Lord heard my cry for mercy; the Lord accepts my prayer.” Psalm 6:9
“The Lord told them a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up.” Luke 18:1

HE is always there for us, HE never gives up on us. Are we willing to listen?


I am reminded of the scene in It’s A Wonderful Life when heaven seems to be bombarded with prayers for George Bailey…sounds like chaos…but HE heard it all.

~Be Blessed




*google image, pixabay images, NIV Bible

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