Happy Birthday to my Youngest!


Happy Birthday to my Youngest!

My youngest celebrated his 26th birthday this week.  I try to respect his privacy, but I would be remiss not to wish him a Happy Birthday!  We are so proud of him and the wonderful young man he has become…he is an inspiration to us.

“Different as daylight and dark.” is a statement heard often by parents of two or more children.  This family was not an exception to that statement.  While both boys are different, they each taught us how to be parents…to individuals.

“While it may not be equal, it is fair.” was a term we used often.  Treating children as the individuals that they are is of the utmost importance, and having our second child taught us this parent thing wasn’t cut and dried.

Funny how you know everything before you become parents…and then you know everything when you become the parent of one….we still had a lot to learn!!

So I wish this greeting to my youngest;  yes, my baby.  Unconditional love multiplied, not divided.  And I would not trade motherhood in for all the money in the world.

I am blessed to have such precious sons.

~Be blessed




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