A Simple Year Later…..


Exactly one year ago today my life changed…I resigned from my special education teaching position.

I went to the WCSED office before school so I wouldn’t “chicken out”.

It was not easy…at all.

Many tears were shed and prayers were said.

The Lord indeed confirmed this decision over and over and there is not enough room to share everything…but suffice it to say it was the right decision for me.

I had time to heal, rest and now have a part time job in which I enjoy so much.

I subbed for my daughter in law Friday, and while it was a very pleasant experience..the Lord confirmed that I had made the right choice a year ago.

Once an educator, always an educator at heart..so I will always teach in some way. But I am so grateful for this “new season” of life and so excited to be “me” again.

This scripture became so important to me over the last year……isaiah55

May the Lord bless all of you as you enter in and out of the “seasons” of life that come and go.  Life can be too short….

~Be blessed


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