It is SIMPLE…..Teachers: YOU make a DIFFERENCE!


Teachers make an Incredible (not Simple) Difference!

It is here! School is beginning.

I have written previously of the fact that I am not teaching this year. Which, in turn, made me wonder about the impact I made on my students’ lives over the years. I could pretend to be humble and say “I am not sure”, but that would be wrong.

I do know that I made an impact, I have been blessed with letters and notes to prove it.  These are often few and far between in the world of special education, so I do cherish them.

AND…. In spite of the struggles you face with the things that are so difficult these days… encouraged as you begin another year~

Mr./Mrs. TEACHER……
YOU are making a difference in the life of…..
at the very LEAST…
One child a year…..
multiply that by the number of years you have taught………………
AND I can guarantee you it is more than one a year!!

See….Years ago…….

I was one of those students.

My parents divorced when I was in eighth grade and for many years before that had marital problems. I enjoyed talking to my teachers and doing well. My eighth grade year was a struggle.

We did not have much money after the divorce, my father (God rest his soul) did not find it necessary to support us. So we scraped by with food stamps, money from my babysitting job and later part time job at a restaurant at 15 years old,  mom’s piano teaching, help from my sweet grandmother Fannie, and Mom’s seamstress abilities.

It was not easy. I had a lot of anger and pain towards my dad and I needed affirmation.  I received it from two teachers early in this situation (and many others as I went on in school).

One was a P.E. teacher who allowed me to be her assistant. She let me talk, and talk… and she listened. She encouraged me to work hard and helped me realize that I had potential, even when in some strange childlike way, I felt responsible for my parents’ divorce. Coming from my teacher,  someone I admired…pushed me into almost believing in myself.

I also had a science teacher who allowed me to babysit her son! She knew that my “babysitting” jobs helped with our household finances, and she trusted me with her own child. She helped build my confidence. She interviewed me for a paper she wrote for school and just invested in my life.

These ladies made me want to teach. They helped my life go from “victim” to “victor”. They wouldn’t allow me to wallow in self pity. I became who I am partly because of these TEACHERS and many others in my junior high and high school days.


Mrs. A.~ who constantly makes sure her kids have shoes…

Mr. B.~ a principal that is an incredible male role model for students with none in their lives…

Mrs. C.~who encourages her students’ parents as much as the child…

Mrs. D.~ who brings “snacks” in the classroom and offers an easy way to “earn” them first thing in the morning…

Mrs. E. and Mrs. F.~ who go to the trouble allowing their students to earn a trip to the movies because most of them have never been to one…

Mrs. G.~who is present after school every day to make sure that one student can talk to her about her home situation; setting her own work aside to be there for her…

Mr. H.~ who sends one student to the nurse every morning so he can be sent to the bathroom to wash up…

Mrs. I.~ who encourages one little girl about her “becoming a scientist” dreams, letting her know that she can do it…..

Mrs. J.~who has a reputation of being “mean”, but is the favorite to all her students because she cares enough to “pull out” the best in each of them.….

I could go on.  And you could share your stories too.

I have not even mentioned and honored the teachers who have literally laid down their lives when danger has entered their classroom.

YOU do make a difference, and I thank you. I know it is difficult sometimes, I know that there are many reasons to complain….but you need to know that YOU are making a difference.

I applaud you. I know many of you feel “called” into the ministry of teaching. And it is a ministry my friends!!! The law can say all it wants about God not being in schools….but He is there. HE is there because YOU are there. You love your students. 

May you be encouraged this year, and remember when things get so tough…


Isaiah 58 11 blackboard

YOU are making a DIFFERENCE!  May your frame be strengthened this year!!!

A “one time” junior high girl thanks you!

~Be Blessed~

Isaiah 55:8-9

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