Giving and Taking Back!

My blog entry sounds “inappropriate ” as my students might say.  It is rude to give something away and take it back!  And in this case, I would say that was true as well!  

A friend I and I were talking after school about God, His love for us in all situations and how we must trust in and find peace in HIM. Sounds great!  I want to do it….but I often leave things/ problems/worries/concerns at His feet and turn around several hours later, or even minutes later and pick them right back up!!  

He always has it covered, then I reach down, shake off the coverage and take it back to worry about again.  He always has it covered!!!! Why must I do that?

It seems as though the bigger the issue, the easier it is for me to lay it down because I can’t change it and I know it. But the smaller stuff, I guess I think I can handle it, fix it or get an answer myself, so I either hang on or wrestle to keep it.  

I’m kind of like a little kid who finds something In a store and picks it up, then lays it down realizing it is not his to keep!  Then low and behold, the urge to pick it up won’t go away and it is up in those little hands again, where it doesn’t belong !

So my prayer this evening is that whatever you carry that is a burden: lay it down.  Lay it down and leave it there!  Don’t pick it up again. Let it rest with Him as you rest there as well.

Blessings dear ones…




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