Birthday Blessings..Another Year


“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. This is what the ancients were commended for.” Hebrews 11:1

 Our pastor preached today the end of a summer series, with this scripture as the ending, if you will.  Yesterday I posted on facebook….waiting+trusting=faith.  Today I am overwhelmed with the truth of the word of God.  I am waiting on some test results, and this long Labor Day weekend has made it seem like forever.  And yet, it is my birthday and it has been a precious reminder of His love, grace, love, assurance and confidence I have in Him and my faith.

I don’t mind having a birthday at all, I tell everyone that I am 10 years older than I really am anyway.  The day someone shrugs or says..”I see” is the day I will stop that.  But I truly believe that this life is just a blip in the life we will have in eternity.  Our “earth suits” wear out to be sure, but we know, by faith, we will have a glorified body to come.

The life we have will not be perfect.  We will suffer, we will go through tough times to be sure.  But we also have joy. The joy of birthdays and the love people show you with a simple greeting.  The joy of children, grandchildren…puppies, sunrises, sunsets.  The joy from ocean breezes, full moons, stars at night, bonfires, football games, Christmas trees….you can name so many things.  And as our pastor said this morning..these things are a taste, a taste of things to come, a complete joy.

So I can concentrate on waiting for test results, all that ails me, the condition of the world..or I can place my hope and confidence in the thing unseen.  I choose faith and what I hope for And the assurance of what I do not see.  

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