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Happy Birthday To my Sons’ Dad!

Happy Birthday to an Incredible Man!


My hubby of almost 35 years will be 55 years of age on December 4. If you do the math (avoiding Common Core) you will see that we were mere babes when we married!

But I write this blog entitled “Teacher Mom Always” and Dad needs to be somewhere in that title.

You see, my two adult sons have had the most wonderful man as a father. The role model he has been for them has been incredible. How do I know?

I watch them with their wives. They treat their wives with the utmost tenderness…as my husband did and does me. Oh yes, and they tease them incessantly..as my husband did and still does!!  And they understand the love of their heavenly Father.

Children need this in their lives. And ours were blessed with the best.

No matter how tired he was when he came in from work, some nights not until 8:30pm…he spent time with the boys in some capacity. Either a whiffle ball game, card game, biking…you name it.

So Happy Birthday to the most incredible Dad I know.

Thank you for allowing the boys to see a wonderful role model. And thank you for allowing them to understand the unconditional love of their heavenly Father.

Because of you dearest husband, they get it…in many ways.

~Be Blessed



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