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Erase That!


I love sharp pencils. So much so that my friend at the station brought me some mechanical ones. And of course, it must have a full eraser.

I noticed the other day something interesting though, when you erase something….part of it still remains. You truly cannot erase everything. Even if you think you have done so, there is still an impression that the pencil has left.

Like our past, we truly can never rid ourselves of it. Our past can actually be our focus, or we can leave it there and look to the future.

We learn from our past if we allow the Father to use it in our lives.

Or we can keep trying and trying to erase that word instead of moving forward onto the next one.

I think I will keep looking forward, but will use that eraser when needed!

~Be Encouraged Today~





Gunsmoke and Redemption?

Gun smoke

My husband and I have chosen to watch old episodes of Gunsmoke, Andy Griffith and other older t.v. programs when we eat dinner.  I guess that means we are officially “vintage”. Continue reading Gunsmoke and Redemption?