Encouragement for Today~In today's world of swirling circumstances, we need to be reminded of how much we are loved by God.

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Unsolicited Advice for Myself Long Ago

Unsolicted Advice-2

First of all, it is okay to sit down to read this letter. It is a letter, not a text. So take a minute out of your hectic life. You are even allowed to drink a cup of coffee or a spot of tea. My word, you have permission to eat chocolate!!

Mommy of Baby– Breathe. Don’t worry that the house is a mess. It most likely won’t be messy in twenty years. Enjoy your baby. Hold him when he needs you. I guarantee that you won’t be holding him in your arms like that very long. He will be down wanting to explore every. single. thing. Continue reading

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Start…then Switch!


Start then Switch!

Some things never change…and some things do!


I have been to some baby showers lately and have been asked to write down good advice for the mama. Of course my “expertise” is simply raising two boys, and the good Lord knows that I did not do a “perfect” job. I do believe we all learned together.

Other than the obvious “love them with all your hear” stuff, this practical advice is the answer to the “mothering” and “teaching” equation.

The emphasis…..TALK to your babies.
The emphasis….LISTEN to your teens. Continue reading