It is Published!

Well folks….

Finally.  It went “live” on Amazon this morning.

Peace in the Midst(Book 1)  from the Unexpected Gift Series has been published on Kindle.

It is finally complete!  I am waiting for the paperback book to be printed as we speak.  This has been a labor of love for me.  It most certainly has been labor, that is for sure. 😉

After weeks of editing, formatting, designing….then REPEAT…..too many times to count, it is here.  I feel like I just had a baby and I am hoping no one says my baby is ugly!  I may have to develop some tough skin.

I am offering all my Facebook friends and family, and those friends that follow this blog a different price.  Right now the Kindle version is just $2.99 rather than $4.99.

I would be honored for you to read it.  My hope, as always is that you will be encouraged throughout the novel.  I will leave the link for you in case you are interested.  If not, no big deal, just rejoice with me that after 25 years, I finally did it!

Plans are already in the works for books 2 and 3 in the series.  I cannot leave my “friend/characters” in the book where they are…life must go on!

~Be Encouraged Today~


Peace in the Midst/Unexpected Gift Series Book 1


4 thoughts on “It is Published!

    1. Ah….thanks friend! I am still working on the paperbook cover and all that formatting stuff. It is most certainly a “labor of love.” I pray you are doing well. I hope to be back to blogging next week! Pray you are well!

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