I have missed blogging so much.  But I am so happy to say that UNEXPECTED GIFTS will be coming to a Kindle near you November 9th!

As I finish up, I need some help.  Would you mind taking a few minutes to look at my book description and the blurbs?  I have two to choose from and I would value your opinion.

And if you have any suggestions, questions or comments, I value those as well.

Thanks so much!

Best Book Blurb

~Be Encouraged Today~


1 thought on “November 9th! UNEXPECTED GIFTS

  1. I wrote on your survey page that I definitely enjoyed the first. The description of your two distinct protagonists with interesting, possibly relatable challenges perked my interest immediately, It also created a sense of movement throughout the entire novel. I’m not sure if the answer conveyed however on SurveyMonkey. I know you’ll be successful! ❤


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