~The Ocean Series~ Sunrise, Sunset


 Sunrise?  Sunset?

What do you think of when you see these two words? And yes, for the elder crowd, I hear a song. But do you have a favorite?

Personally, I never have “favorites”  😉 , so I enjoy them both equally. The colors are amazing. The freshness that seems to accompany both is sometimes palatable. And if there are birds flying….let’s just say that makes a delightful picture to gaze at when you are still waiting for spring to arrive.

But honestly, if covered with clouds, neither really have much of an impact. And I will admit that when I am up to catch the sunrise and there is not one to see, I am disappointed. The same goes for a sunset. Many times I have convinced my husband to run down to the beach, or get in the car to drive to see a sunset…and there is not one to be seen. “You have seen one, you have seen them all!”

But to me none of them are exactly the same. And the beauty of all of it is this simple truth. Whether I see it or not, it is still there.

You know where I am going with this. Even in the darkest, most cloudy times of our lives. The sun always rises, and it always sets. It doesn’t matter where you are…it happens.

So if you are going through dark, cloudy times…remember the SON is always there, you just may not think so.

~Be Encouraged Today~


6 thoughts on “~The Ocean Series~ Sunrise, Sunset

  1. “And the beauty of all of it is this simple truth. Whether I see it or not, it is still there.”

    Such a beautiful truth to absorb.

    I absolutely love the colors of sunrise and sunset. Each has its own glory, even when hidden. When my husband and I lived in Virginia, we commuted together. We were blessed to see the sunrise and sunset each day, as we drove to work. Now, we live in Central CA, ten minutes from the beach. However, our home is surrounded by mountains, which block the colors for both sunrise and sunset. We do go to the beach periodically to enjoy it, however, I miss the daily interaction.

    My first beach sunrise with my husband happened at VA Beach. We walked to the beach in the morning while still very dark outside, and I noticed that there were people quietly standing reverently, all facing the ocean. It was like being in Church. The beauty of the colors changing as the sun came to its full glory was breath taking. And I will never forget the feeling of being one with God, and with the souls that were quietly sharing the experience with us.

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    1. You describe it beautifully! It is one place that I know I always feel the presence of the Father. I know that He is everywhere, but there His spirit is so manifested! Thanks for commenting friend!!

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  2. I live close by where the sun sets on the water. Last summer, while walking my dog towards the seaway I was awe struck by the magnificent sunset. Yellow and turquoise. A young man was photographing the sunset and I simply said to him, “What a beautiful sunset.” He stopped for a moment and said, “It’s God.”

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